Building Muscle

Building muscle is a very hard thing to do. You need concentration and willingness to get a perfect body. Everyday exercise and a pledge not to take bodybuilding medicines are essential. More recently, FDA pulled out the medicine called Hydroxycut, because it caused the user to have liver problems and the like. Totally, avoiding this kind of medicine is a good thing in the process to build a good body. I will explain to you how to build a good muscular body that is attractive. In the process, the builder (bodybuilder) start dieting. For example, a builder needs to eat a lot of vitamin and protein-based fruits. You have to put your mind into it in order to have a successful body.

Building Muscle EXTREME

     First, the bodybuilder must exercise in the morning and evening. You start by jogging for 30 minutes.If you doing this for the first time, you will feel a small poke feeling in your stomach. After that, you stay in one place and start jogging(but not moving from that area) just moving your legs but not moving completely. You have to do this for 10 minutes. Start on the push-up right after you done with the jogging. After this, you immediatly start doing sit-ups. Sit-up is is great way to improve your ABS and to define your ABS. It would help, if you count the times of sit-up. In order to get a good result, you can do up to 160 sit-up to 250 sit-ups.

    You can take a 3-minute break and do 50 push-ups. For better results, do these exercises without stopping 3 times. Then you take 25,35,45 or 55-pound dumbbells and start doing squats.15-35 years old can do up to 20 squats and 35 and older can do 15 squats. For best result, do 40 squats for 15-35 year old and 25 for the 35 and older. Take a 4-minute break and start doing pull-ups for up to 15 of it. Immediately start on the back on sit-up and do up to 35. Then you may take a 3-minute break and start do what this person is doing. Remember, you may take a 2-minute break. For the last secession, take a dumpbell of your choice and start doing nose breaker and butterfiles. A nose breaker is a good way to build biceps.